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  • In Schleswig-Holstein, registration and health consultation happen at one place and with one authority: at Neumünster’s Landesamt für soziale Dienste (State Social Services Office) on Wasbeker Straße 136.

  • If you are unsure about how to get to this authority, ask us at cara*SH and we will take you there and back, free of charge.

  • Registration and a health consultation at the authorities (LAsD) are free.

  • Begin by making an appointment by dialling 04321 913 880. They will tell you which documents you have to bring to the appointment.

  • If you need an interpreter, tell them straight away on the telephone. It will not cost you anything.

  • The appointment will begin with some health advice. But you will not be examined.

  • After that, you will be registered. You will be given information and advice at the same time. You are allowed to ask someone from cara*SH to accompany you at any time during that conversation if you want.

  • You will receive certificates showing that you have undergone registration and health consultation. You can ask the authorities to issue additional certificates bearing an invented alias name. Ask about it. It doesn’t cost anything extra.

  • In Schleswig-Holstein you can take your certificates away with you straight away.

  • Because you’re liable to taxation, your details will be sent on to the finance authorities when you register.

What do I have to bring along to register?

  • You have to bring two photographs and your ID card or passport.

  • If you come from a country which is not a member of the EU, then you will have to show some kind of work permit. Whatever the case, take your residence permit (plastic card) with you.

  • The authorities will also need a registered address for you, or an address where they can reach you. This is called your delivery address. It may be an address belonging to someone you trust or an aid organisation. Whatever the case, post sent there has to be able to reach you. That’s why the authorities will require written confirmation from the person who provides your postal address saying that they will accept post for you.

I don’t speak very good German. What should I do?

  • Tell them straight away on the telephone if you need an interpreter. You will then be given an appointment at which an interpreter will be present. It will not cost you anything. It is important for you to understand everything.

What else do I have to get ready for registration?

  • Before registering, have a think about whether you want to work only in Schleswig-Holstein or in other Federal states as well. You can have any Federal states entered in your registration certificate.

Do I need a separate appointment for my health consultation?

  • No. In Schleswig-Holstein, you need only one appointment for your first registration.

What happens at my registration and health consultation?

  • During registration and health consultation, you will be given a lot of information in your own language or in a language which you understand. Ask the person who works at the authority if you don’t understand anything.

  • During the health consultation, you will be told about various health issues. For example, you will be provided with information about sexually transmitted diseases, hygiene, pregnancy, contraception and alcohol/drug consumption. There will not be an examination.

  • During registration, there will be an information and advisory talk. You will be told about laws on prostitution, your duty to have health insurance, your duty to pay tax, about advice centres and emergency phone numbers that you can use.

    You can also ask questions and bring up subjects that are important to you. During this conversation, you can ask that someone from cara*SH is there with you.

  • At the end you will be given your registration certificate and a certificate about your health consultation.

Do I have to pay anything for registration and health consultation?

  • No. Registration and a health consultation are free in Schleswig-Holstein. This may not be the case in other Federal states.

Do I have to give my correct name during registration and health consultation?

  • Yes. You have to give the authorities your correct name. That name will also be stored. You will in every event be given a registration certificate and a health certificate containing your correct name.

  • BUT: you can also ask for additional alias-certificates. If you do, you will get extra certificates showing not your real name but an invented one (alias-name).

  • If you want alias-certificates, then you will have four certificates by the end of it.

  • When you go to work, it is sufficient for you to have your alias-certificates with you. They are as valid as certificates carrying your true name, should you be checked.

I don’t only want to work in Neumünster, but in the whole of Schleswig-Holstein. Can I?

  • Yes. Your registration applies throughout Schleswig-Holstein.

I want to leave Schleswig-Holstein and work in another Federal state. Does my registration apply throughout Germany?

Will the authorities give me a receipt showing that I have registered?

  • Yes. You will receive a registration certificate and a health consultation certificate after your appointment. These may include your alias-certificates. You have to keep them both with you when you work.

  • You will be able to take away all your certificates at the end of the meeting.

What does my registration certificate or alias-certificate have on it?

  • Passport photo

  • First name and surname or only alias-name

  • Date of birth

  • Place of birth (not on your alias certificate)

  • Citizenship

  • Federal states or places where you want to work

  • Period of validity

  • Issuing authority

What does my health consultation certificate have on it?

  • First name and surname or only alias-name

  • Date of birth

  • Issuing authority

  • Date of consultation

Who is allowed to check my registration certificate?

  • The only people who are allowed to ask for your registration certificate are operators of institutions, relevant employees of the authorities, and the police.

  • Always ask people to show their service passes as a precaution. That is because some people may try to cheat you by taking money for false checks.

  • You don’t have to show your certificate to clients, colleagues or places like job centres.

How often do I have to repeat my health consultation and registration?

  • You have to have a health consultation more often than you have to register.

  • If you’re between 18 and 21 years old, then you have to repeat your health consultation every six months and extend your registration after 12 months. But only if you keep working.

  • If you’re over 21 years old, then you have to repeat your consultation every 12 months and extend your registration every two years. But only if you keep working.

Under what circumstances might the registration authorities not issue me with a certificate?

  • If you are not yet 18 years old.

  • If you are being forced into prostitution.

  • If you are pregnant and your due date is within six weeks.

  • If you are younger than 21 years old and if somebody has encouraged you to take up prostitution. Or if somebody encourages you to continue in prostitution.

  • If somebody exploits your predicament or the fact that you are helpless as a foreigner in order to lead you into prostitution or prey upon you.

What happens after my registration and with my details?

  • Because you are liable to taxation, the finance authority responsible for you will be told about your registration. You should then automatically receive a tax identification number if you don’t yet have one.

  • Apart from that, the authorities are obliged by law to keep your details secret.

What happens if I don’t register?

  • If you don’t register, then you will not be working legally. If you’re checked and are not registered, you may face a fine of up to €1,000. There may also be problems if you’re not registered with the finance authorities and do not pay tax.

  • In a worst-case scenario, you will no longer be able to work as a sex worker.

What if I change my surname or citizenship?

  • If your details change, then the law says that you have to inform the authorities within 14 days. To do that you will need to make a new appointment with the authorities because the details on your certificates will need to be changed.

How do I know which Federal state to register in?

  • Register in the Federal state or place where you will mainly be working.

  • Schleswig-Holstein accepts registration and health consultation certificates from all other Federal states.

  • So, if when you register in another Federal state you also specify Schleswig-Holstein, then this will apply without limit to all of Schleswig-Holstein. You do not have to register again there.

I work as a tantric masseur or masseuse. Do I have to register?

  • Yes. The ProstSchG encompasses not only sexual and oral intercourse, but all sexual activities. This includes erotic massage and touching the intimate areas.

I work as a sexual assistant. Do I have to register?

  • Yes. Even if you don’t engage in sexual intercourse but only in erotic contact, these activities are viewed as sexual activities under ProstSchG.


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