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Who knows about my registration, and what happens to my personal details?

  • The registering authority will inform the finance authority once you have registered. That’s because you’re liable to taxation, so you will be recorded from a tax point of view.

  • The registering organisation is obliged to protect your data. This means that it may not hand out your details to anybody else.

  • The people who work at the registering authorities may not discuss your registration, either officially or privately, with anyone who is not authorised to discuss it.

  • The registering authority may only use your details internally for things relating to the new law.

  • If the registering authorities begin to suspect that you are committing offences, especially criminal ones, then they may pass your details on to other places, such as the police.

Will my registration be entered into my criminal record?

  • No. your criminal record will not contain anything, because prostitution is allowed and is not a criminal offence.

I no longer want to work as a prostitute. When will my details be deleted?

  • If you do not extend your registration, then your registration certificate will expire.

  • Operators of establishments must keep details about you for a period of two years.

What can I myself do to protect my details?

  • You can have the registering authority issue your certificates using alias names (meaning, names you have thought up yourself). If you carry only those two alias-certificates with you when you work, no-one will find out about your real name.

  • When you work, don’t use your real name either, even if certain clients come across as especially trustworthy.

  • Set up a separate work mobile phone number and a work e-mail address.

  • Don’t allow your clients to film and/or photograph you.

  • Beware of working with webcams: your clients can edit out clips and screenshots of you without you noticing it.

How can I present myself safely on the Internet?

  • Any information, photographs or videos which you upload onto the Internet can be stolen and misused for other purposes. That even applies if you delete them afterwards, since nothing disappears entirely from the Internet.

  • You have the right to your own image.

  • To protect yourself, you may wear masks at work and in photographs.

  • Never state your private address and/or mobile number in your advertisements.

Where can I get anonymous advice?

  • You can come to us at cara*SH with any questions you may have. We offer free and anonymous advice and legal guidance.

I am a victim of cybermobbing and/or have been threatened through the Internet. Who can I turn to?

  • If you’re threatened through the Internet or you experience cybermobbing, call the police (110). Both of these things are criminal offences and the police can offer you protection.

  • You can also contact us at cara*SH. We will tell you who else you can turn to.

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