Permit obligations for prostitution businesses

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What does the permit obligation mean?

  • The operators of a prostitution business are also subject to conditions under the new Prostitute Protection Act (ProstSchG). For example, you are required to obtain a permit from the authorities.

  • In Schleswig-Holstein, a permit can be obtained in 11 districts and 4 administratively independent cities.

  • For a permit, certain conditions must be checked: for example, whether the person is reliable enough to run a prostitution business.

    A business concept must also be presented. The premises must meet certain requirements, such as separate bathrooms for prostitutes and clients, an emergency call facility in the work rooms, and separate work and living spaces.

What is a prostitution business?

  • In accordance with section 2 of the Prostitute Protection Act (ProstSchG), someone is operating a prostitution business when they:

  • run a prostitution establishment (e. g. walk-in brothel, brothel, club, apartment),

  • provide a prostitution vehicle (e. g. “love mobile” or ships),

  • organise or implement a prostitution event (e.g. sex party with sexual services),

  • or run a prostitution agency (e.g. escort agency).

Does the permit obligation for prostitution businesses also apply to me as a prostitute?

  • If you work in a prostitution establishment (e.g. walk-in brothel, brothel, club), you are not running a prostitution business and don’t require a permit.

  • If you’re working alone in an apartment, you don’t have to apply for a permit.

  • If you work together with one or more colleagues and your apartment is specifically for the practice of prostitution, the apartment is usually considered a prostitution establishment, regardless of whether you work regularly or occasionally. A permit must then be obtained and one of you must assume the operator’s responsibilities.

  • The information as to whether or not your apartment is considered a prostitution establishment can be obtained from the relevant authorities. We at cara*SH can find out which authority this is for you. Just talk to us!

What do I need to be aware of when working with colleagues?

  • If you want to share an apartment with one or more colleagues for the practice of prostitution, you need to ask the local police authority whether your apartment is considered to be a prostitution establishment and is therefore subject to the permit obligation.

  • Contact us at cara*SH. We can tell you which is the appropriate authority and, if you wish, we can also obtain the necessary information for you.

What can operators ask of me?

  • Operators can expect to see your registration certificate or alias certificate. You should therefore keep this document in a safe place.

  • You do not need to provide any further information about your personal data!


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